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About Us: Natural Body Fitness Provides the ultimate fitness experience.

With two of the top gyms in Virginia Beach, Natural Body Fitness has everything you need to accomplish any goal that you set out to achieve! No matter what your age, level of experience, schedule, or budget, you have chosen the best place for you to achieve your fitness goals!

Our clubs are perfect for you! We offer circuit machines with over 24 pieces of equipment that are designed for all fitness levels. Further, we have a large range of dumbbells (3’s, 5’s, 7’s, 10’s and up!) so that you can progress through each exercise at your own pace and always feel challenged. We also have free weight machines and smaller free weight bars to accommodate all fitness needs. Our fitness center’s cardiovascular training equipment includes: Star Track Treadmills, stair mills, Star Track ellipticals, recumbent bikes, spin bikes and to top it off, there’s even a cardio cinema at our Kempsville location and a cross training room at our Bayside location!

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