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Natural Bodyz Fitness provides the ultimate fitness experience. With two of the top gyms in Virginia Beach, Natural Bodyz Fitness 24/7 has everything you need to accomplish any goal that you set out to achieve! No matter what your age, level of experience, schedule, or budget, you have chosen the best place for you to achieve your fitness goals!

We invite you to train with our team of USA Elite Personal Trainers, who are 100% dedicated to their client’s success and making each goal a reality. You can have access to both personal training gym locations; Natural Bodyz Fitness Kempsville and Natural Bodyz Fitness Bayside.



Looking for a change?

Tired of feeling tired? While dragging through the work week, attempting to juggle family, friends, daily responsibilities, laundry, and more, the idea of making it to the gym can seem a little daunting. It doesn’t have to be! The answer to all that stress is right in front of you. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant that exists; Our mission is to help as many people as possible to utilize this phenomenal tool. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not only about the physical change but the mental change that we are so excited to watch our clients go through. Every single person who is here has been in your same situation. We sincerely want this to be a place to relieve all the stresses of the outside world, which is why “Gymtimidation” simply doesn’t exist at Natural Bodyz. Is it all a little overwhelming when you think about getting back on track with your eating habits and exercise routines? It doesn’t have to be! We can help ease you back into living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Best Gym Facilities Near Me

Our clubs are perfect for you! We offer circuit machines with over 24 pieces of equipment that are designed for all fitness levels. Furthermore, we have a large range of dumbbells (From 3 lbs to 150 lbs) so that you can progress through each exercise at your own pace and always feel challenged. We also have free weight machines and smaller free weight bars to accommodate all fitness needs. NBZ’s Fitness Facilities Near Me offers cardiovascular training equipment includes, StarTrak treadmills, stair mills, StarTrak ellipticals, recumbent bikes, spin bikes and to top it off, a classroom and a cross-training room at our Bayside location!

Some of these specialties are:

  • Weighted chains
  • Mag grip bars
  • Tires to flip
  • Seated, laying, single leg hamstring leg curl and glute machines
  • Free weight flat and incline benches
  • Multiple cable crossovers
  • Every handle and bar cable Attachment
  • The list goes on and on.
  • Powerlifting bars
  • Rogue Weights

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Bayside Location

Address: 1608 Pleasure House Road
Suite 110 & 111, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Email Bayside Gym

Gym Hours: 24/7 for Members

Staff Hours: Mon-Thu 9a-12p & 4p-7p
Fri 9a-4p
Sat 9a-12p
*Results may vary

Kempsville Location

Address: 1320 Kempsville Road,
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Email Kempsville Gym

Gym Hours: 24/7 for Members

Staff Hours: Mon-Thu 9a-12p & 4p-7p
Fri 9a-4p
Sat 9a-12p
*Results may vary