I started this challenge with the hope that I would kick start my weight loss goals. My goal was to lose about 30-40lbs during the three month challenge, but my overall goal is to lose an additional 30lbs by this time next year. During the challenge I was provided education regarding the proper supplements to take and the appropriate dietary intake for my body. USA Elite Trainers made themselves available for any questions. With the guidance provided, I became more aware of serving sizes, just exactly how much fat is in foods, and how to manipulate food that I was already eating to accommodate the strict dietary guidelines.

I started out slow with my exercise regimen and gradually began to gain endurance. I started out walking briskly on the treadmill and using the elliptical for cardio, before I knew it I was running intervals. I began to explore alternative methods of working out. I began to integrate outdoor activities into my regimen. I purchased bicycles for both my fiancé and myself to integrate healthy activity into both of our lives. After the first Body Challenge at Mt. Trashmore, I was determined to conquer the stairs. I eventually was able to run the stairs with ease. During the challenge we ran a 5K. Finishing my first 5K was inspiring and made me want to participate in other group runs.

My struggle during this challenge was balancing my work, full-time college schedule, and the exercise regimen. For the first two months this was manageable and gradually became harder. I found myself slipping towards the last few weeks of the semester. I found it difficult to fit exercise into my schedule and preparation and planning for meals became more difficult. I still maintained the recommended caloric intake, but was limited in my work outs. Despite the challenge of time management, I was able to lose 25lbs. Although this was not my goal for this challenge, I did gain knowledge and understanding needed to continue with losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.