“Although I did well last year I entered the 2013 Total Body Transformation because I am the person that needs a challenge to get and keep me going. Also, my ‘new’ wardrobe was getting tight again and I swore to myself that I would never be large again. After last year’s challenge I really wanted to jump right back into the TBT. I also want to make my ‘SAILOR’ proud.

My goal was to start my downward weight loss journey, to get healthier and be able to work out hard. My attitude changed greatly. I don’t care right now how much chicken or protein shakes I eat, or how it tastes: food is only ‘fuel’. I learned to shop on the outer sides of the store.

When I had to shop for large size clothes the smaller sizes always looked so much cuter. Now they fit, however, there is no cute stuff in my size again (LOL).

The truth is I can’t wait to work out with Michelle four times a week. It worked well for me to change trainer, just like Loren told me. BTW, Michelle kicks b….

There are 3 words when you prepare: planning, planning, and planning. It is the whole key, and of course, giving up my glass of wine or margarita. I quit drinking and found another solution like Crystal Light Margarita mix that tastes just as good with no calories. Also, vegetables are your friends and dressed up they taste great.

I still go out with my friends, and I just eat clean. You can always have a couple of bites without eating more than the other people. Eat every 2 hours and you will never ‘over’ eat.

Like I said, I just can’t wait to workout with my trainer. I love her energy and support. We had a one-on-one contact and I could call, text, or send her pictures of the things I was eating, or the outfits I wanted to buy. Even when bought new outfits for the glamour shot, I asked Michelle which one to wear for the pictures. She knows the goals of everyone, not just the contestants in TBT, but other people in the gym too. She uses this to encourage you and meet your goals.

To USA Elite Trainers, Anytime Fitness Redmill, Cj, Kay, and Michelle thank you for all the support and the push to stick with it.”