“Growing up I was in a family where just about every other family member was diabetic or has died from it. I could remember always seeing my father and sister giving them self a shot two to three times a day. As a child it really did not affect me because I felt that I would never have that problem because I am stronger than them so I could eat and do whatever I wanted. March 2003 my father passed away he was in his early 50’s. I guess he just could not control it anymore but still I did not take that as a sign and change my way of living. In November 2009 I was rushed to the hospital because I was vomiting blood, eye sight was blurry and my heart beat was out of control. I was told that my blood sugar level was 650 when it should have been no more than 75 and my A1c level was 14 which is off the charts. The doctor told me that I was lucky because with numbers like that I should have been in a comma he also told me that I would be insulin dependent for the rest of my life.

December 2009 I returned to anytime fitness there I was told about the body challenge and how I could benefit from it so I signed up. My main goal was to drop some pounds and I was also determined to prove the doctors wrong and to show everyone who’s diabetic that you can live long and strong. Being a new diabetic I also signed up at the VA hospital for some diabetic nutrition classes combined with the knowledge that I was receiving from the trainers I was sure that I could get my life in order. After just a month and a half I returned to the doctor 30 lbs lighter and much better eating habits. The doctor did not know what to say. My sugar level was normal my A1c level was 4 and I no longer need to take insulin shots and it’s because of this body challenge I learned how to read labels, learned about good and bad carbohydrates and without a proper diet there is no point of working out. I have always been one who never would ask for help or advise but I have learned that every fighter no matter how good they are we still need someone in there corner to support and motivate them to perform at their greatest potential and that’s just what I got from the trainers , whenever I had a question about a workout or about a meal they were there for me, when I lost all motivation and I wanted to just quit the trainers was there to keep me going and with all the knowledge I have acquired I can help others beat diabetes as well.”