“Hi, I’m Heidi Batten, and thirteen weeks ago I entered the Anytime Fitness Body Challenge. If it weren’t for Tonya Russell, I would not have entered at all. Tonya challenged me to do it so I entered not really giving it much thought. Honestly I figured “what the hell,” because I will try anything. I really didn’t know what would happen and if I made it through the entire program I might actually lose a few pounds.

I’ve finished the challenge and I am actually amazed that I lost close to 25 lbs. My next challenge is to make it to the Fitness Level of Body Fat Percentage. I really am motivated to keep on this journey of working out and eating healthier. I have found that I can make better choices, I’ve really cut back on my alcohol consumption, sweets, and snacking. I feel as though all the cardio I’ve been doing has helped my Asthma a lot not to mention when I’m upset or stressed going to work out seems to put me in a better frame of mind.

I must thank Tonya for getting me on this path and Steve for pushing me when I was being lazy and his constant motivation with his little voice saying to me “no hands on the treadmill”, and to Nick who always has something nice to say and is so very supportive of all the Kempsville Team.

The Trainers were just amazing, I just can’t put into words how much they meant to me on my path to a healthy life.

I truly believe I would not have gotten very far in this journey if it wasn’t for them but I must also praise my teammates from Kempsville. We had the most cohesive team not to mention the most supportive. I know I did my very best on Team Challenge Days at Mount Trashmore because I didn’t want to let anyone those folks down. Vicki always had encouragement whenever I saw her and never hesitated to call and let me know how well I was doing. I am just so grateful I was able to be with all the great guys and gals that were on my team. No matter if I win anything I did make some pretty nice friends along the way.

I want to thank Stacy and Taz for sponsoring the Challenge and all the staff at Kempsville as they made it happen for all of us and they just have a phenomenal staff.

Now it’s the end of the Challenge and I am amazed at how far I came, I did reach a personal goal, which I did not have when I started. I have finally fit into a pair of my favorite jeans that have been waiting for me to on over the past several years. I had a the hardest time trying to find something in my closet that actually fit the new me for my Glamour Shots since what I was going to wear was actually to large to wear and they were not just a few short weeks ago.

I seriously cannot believe how far I came since I’ve always have been the Fat Girl and now I’m not.”