This first and foremost thing I have to say is, I LOVE this gym. When I start going two years ago; I was super nervous about joining. I had never been part of a gym other than my local rec-center. However, once I stepped my foot in the door I knew I was going to be a member forever. I love the hours, the staff, and all the machines they have to offer. Before I started the body challenge, I actually started my fitness journey two years ago, when I topped out at 215 pounds. I was over being fat and I could not stand the way my clothes were fitting. I was also in a place where I needed to strengthen my body, mind, and soul. The reason I decided to do the body challenge this time was because I had seen the challenge go on for two seasons and every time wish I had joined. This season I thought would be perfect because it would give me a chance to introduce myself back into the work out scene. Before I had decided to enter the challenge I was disappointed in myself because I had gained back twenty pounds that I had previously lost. Another reason, is because I wanted that extra push to lose weight while my husband was on his six month deployment. The body challenge was to give me focus, and also give me the education that I needed for nutrition in the hope that I could finally get to my goal weight of 145 pounds. Even though I did not reach my goal during the body challenge; I am proud of myself for what I did accomplish. I was able to get back into my routine of working out six days a week, and getting on track with my nutrition. I struggled and fought it for the entire time and thought I could do the counting and nutrition on my own, but I lost the battle. I finally had to entrust in myself that I can do whatever I put my mind too. When I finally trusted myself, and actually listened I began to lose the weight.

My attitude about eating, shopping, and working out is completely different than it used to be. My attitude actually changed two years ago when I began my weight lose journey. Even though I fell off the eating right and working out band wagon for a little while, I was still aware of what I was eating. However, because of the body challenge I am so much more conscious of what I eat. I keep in mind, “clean eating” and remind myself every day what that means exactly to me. “Clean eating” means to me eating food that taste good, but that is healthy and going to make me full to where I will not think of food. I have found that if I am hungry then that is when I make poor choices in food selection. Since joining the body challenge I am also more aware of my work outs of what I do, how many times a week, and how long they are. My shopping for food has also changed. I now go with a list, and anything on that list is in the cart and if it is not on the list it does not go in the cart. I have also noticed that I spend twice as much time in the grocery store because I am now comparing nutrition labels. The one lesson that sticks out that most I learned about the program was the diet and “LISTEN TO YOUR TRAINER.” I can write that I regret not listening to my trainer sooner, but that will not get me anywhere at this point. I have to be proud of the accomplishments that I have done thus far, and keep working towards my personal goal. The body challenge changed my lifestyle by helping me trust myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I feel like that was my biggest problem during the body challenge. I was afraid of letting go of the old person, and introducing the new. I did not trust myself to know that this program works. I felt like I had failed so many times in that past that nothing was going to work. I was the mindset that if the last few times did not work, way would this be any different. I finally had to let go of that fear and not only trust myself but my trainer as well. I had to trust myself I knew what I was doing, and push myself harder. The one big thing that helped me in my lifestyle was the food journal. It is amazing how much food you can consume in a day; and how the calories add up. The food journal helped me get back on track with a healthier diet. The trainers of USA Elite were the biggest support during the challenge. They encouraged you, and were always eager to show you the correct ways of doing things. I felt that each participate had a great connection with a trainer, and the support from the other participates were very encouraging. Even though I did not make my goal weight during this challenge this is not the end for me. I still have two and half months to make my goal weight that I wanted to make before my husband comes home from his six month deployment. The greatest lesson that I learned from this experience is to listen to your trainer, and trust yourself that you can do anything that you put your mind to.