“He doesn’t really know me”. “Pick out a stupid picture, whatever.” “Sure, like that’s going to be me.” “I come from a long line of short, heavy, but strong, tough women from northern New York, my build is what it is.”

I’ll do this, but it’s not going to make that much of a difference. I mean seriously, I’ve only gained 6 pounds since the last challenge. Ramblings of a stubborn woman, who is never wrong…

Flash forward 13 weeks. Better than I was before, better… stronger…faster…(oops that’s the six million dollar man intro, that’s ok, it applies!) Humble? Uhmm, No. Thinner? Sure. Stronger, leaner, harder, Most Definitely.

May have been slightly, mistaken. It’s hard. Nothing worth anything is ever easy, I know this. Loren says if it were easy the gym would be packed. If it were easy we’d all look like that darn picture.

My trainer does know me. My trainer does know what “buttons” to push, how to motivate, how to cultivate an attitude of determination and never surrender. My trainer is Terrance Bond. Staying fit will always be a continuous journey for me. Working out with Terrance at Anytime Fitness provides me the tools and strength to make this journey. It can’t be about “just this one goal” it has to be about the process, the direction, the focus. What is measured can be repeated. This journey will take my lifetime and the tools I gather along the way will help me stay on the path.

It’s hard. But the ends justify the means, right? I look good. I feel good. Did I mention I look good? Pushing me to the limit is not easy. I’m stubborn and whiny. “What’s the baby gonna do”?, “why are you holding on?” “if you hold on, the fat holds on.” Just a few of the little sayings Terrance has. Interjected at the right time, weight gets lifted, jaw tightens, breathing is labored, calories are burned and fat is shredded…

It’s hard. But it’s harder alone. Thank you, Terrance. I have more work to do and there is always the journey. For now , I know that I don’t have to travel alone.