Originally I wasn’t planning on entering the body challenge. It was only after my trainer, Ryan Bielat, kept pestering me to enter that I agreed. I’m glad I did. After training for a year at anytime fitness, I had lost focus on my nutritional and fitness goals. I figured by paying money to enter the challenge, it would keep me motivated. My goal was not necessarily to win, but to improve my overall fitness and health. At forty-one years old, I don’t think I’ve looked better in my life. Hearing the trainers and fellow contestants tell me how good I was looking was a huge motivation. Especially Jody, Rich, Robert, Tammy, and Alex. Working out three or four days a week with former champions Bill Garvey and Bart Morrison was a huge factor in reaching my goal. Those guys know what they are doing and offer great motivation on a daily basis. My trainer, Ryan Bielat, gives great encouragement and is always there for me. He is always pushing me and offering advice. For me, the body challenge is just the beginning. I still have more fitness goals I want to reach. I know with the support and help of the staff and members of anytime fitness, I will reach my fitness goals. Six pack here I come!!