“I heard a quote that stated: “10% of your destiny is locked within yourself; the other 90% is discovered in the relationships of your life.” I am a strong believer that you can never have enough people in your world…especially those who believe in you, desire you to be all that you can be, and will cheer you along your journey.

Being part of the Total Body Challenge has helped unlock my potential. I have battled with my weight for years…having small successes along the way…but never really accomplishing the ultimate healthy lifestyle that I wanted and desired. However, positioning myself with a group of people that had the same goal, being equipped with information and having the knowledge and support of amazing trainers has truly changed my life.

This is my story…

As I mentioned, I had battled with my weight for years and over that time had tried all different diets without lasting success. In September 2009 I had an “Ah Ha” moment…I was about 140 pounds overweight (weighing in at 308 pounds) and in relative good health…but I knew that if I didn’t address my weight that my health would eventually suffer. So I made a decision to do something about it and began to workout at the gym, Anytime Fitness…the best gym ever!!! I started doing cardio workouts on the treadmill every day. The first week was tough because I had to adjust to getting up early but as the weeks went by it did get easier.

In December 2009 I heard about the Total Body Challenge. I had seen some previous contestants working out at the gym and the success that they had achieved and I realized that if I wanted to reach my goal that I needed support and people to help me.

I must confess that I was really nervous entering the Challenge because I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure if I had the endurance, stamina and ability to compete. The first orientation day put all my fears to rest. I realized that I would be given the tools to help me and the support was overwhelming.

During the Total Body Challenge I learned a new way of exercising and eating. The trainers were with me every step of the way and I was amazed at the immediate results. I learned the importance of protein, carbohydrates and fat portions for each meal as well as the need for the right size portions of meals. I was taught the importance of eating the right foods at the right times…I was being re-educated about nutrition and I couldn’t believe the difference it was making in my weight loss. I also learned the importance of water consumption and when to increase my cardio work-outs and supplements in order to achieve the maximum results.

It’s now May 2010 and my weight is down to 197 pounds…it’s amazing!! The Total Body Challenge has changed my life!!

So as far as the beginning quote is concerned…yeah…I do believe that 90% of your destiny is discovered in the relationships of your life…being part of the Total Body Challenge has proved that to me! My USA Elite Trainers have helped unlock my destiny:

CJ…thank you seems so inadequate…but THANK YOU!! You took an area of my life, when it came to my weight and health, that was really weak and vulnerable and you spoke HOPE into it, you BELEIVED in me and you saw POTENTIAL even when I didn’t. You have such a passion to see people fit and healthy and I just want to personally thank you for dedicating your life to that…because my life will NEVER be the same!!! I am forever indebted to you… I am so grateful for you…I am forever CHANGED!!!

Ryan…you are an amazing trainer and I want to thank you for your support, for pushing me (without breaking me), and for your commitment to my success. You truly are the wind beneath my wings and you allowed me to soar higher and go further than I thought I could…so THANK YOU! Couldn’t have done it without you….you’re the best!!

I was fortunate enough to have great people that walked this voyage with me…my Total Body Challenge team mates each taught me something and helped unlock my destiny:

Dina……..her steadfastness and love for life.
Nancy………her tenderness…she is the quiet achiever
Robin……..her tenaciousness and indestructible spirit
Judy……..her ‘never quit’ attitude
Richard………his endurance, encouragement and cheeky smile
Anthony……..his quiet strength and compassion
Edvin……..his passion and drive
Derrick……..his fortitude…”giving it a go”
Lynn……..his energy and stamina

Thanks for being on the journey………it was so much fun!!!! I absolutely believe that the BEST days are AHEAD of us!!!”