“My journey began in January of 2009…my yearly physical. I had just weighed in at 297 pounds! I knew I had been gaining weight over the last 5 years, but I was still somewhat surprised that I had gone from 220 pounds to tipping the scales at almost 300 pounds. I had tried various diets and exercise programs in the past without much success. I was also the proud recipient of a new prescription for high blood pressure to add to the four scripts for various other ailments ranging from cholesterol to knee and back pain. My wardrobe consisted mainly of sweat pants and the XXXL rack at the Big and Tall outlet with the occasional stretchy Dockers thrown in for good measure. Even shopping for shoes had become a chore when D and E widths were difficult to find at the normal shoe stores. Physical activity consisted of channel surfing and lifting chicken wings and cocktails at the local pub (not that there is anything wrong with that!). How did I let this happen? I was ready to make some lifestyle changes and return to the better quality of life I had enjoyed just a few years ago.

I enrolled in a gym, Anytime Fitness, after noticing a poster of a friend in a before and after picture hanging on the gym wall. I had not seen him in ten years and the transformation was amazing! I retained the services of a personal trainer provided by USA Elite Trainers and my journey began in earnest.

Five months later, I had lost weight and inches and gained strength, but I was still having trouble controlling my eating habits, getting to the gym, and following my cardio schedule. Then the Body Challenge presented itself and I decided that maybe I was finally ready to make a commitment to give 100 % of myself and enter a more competitive and fun regimen. I attended the first meeting and again I had doubts that I could not commit to a program after so many failed attempts in the past five years. I wanted to get down to a manageable weight, a weight where I could feel healthy and regain confidence and self-esteem. After the second meeting with my trainers and teammates I knew there was no turning back. I was in it to win it!

These last three months I have learned the meaning of commitment to myself and especially to my workout crew and trainers. What I have accomplished would have been a very difficult task without their support and encouragement. I learned about healthy eating habits, about using supplements to maximize your workouts, and about repairing my body after workouts. This information has caused a lifestyle change for me. I learned that there is place for everything in life and being healthy is a priority if I want to enjoy my life to the fullest.

My goal is to win the competition and get my weight down to 210 pounds. At this writing, we have not had our final weigh in, but it should be close. Will I win the competition? I don’t know, but I gave 110% and so did many of my teammates and that’s all that really matters.

I have met wonderful people who have supported and helped me change my life 360 degrees. The Body Challenge may have been the most important and meaningful event I have participated in within the last twenty years. It has truly changed my life. The knowledge I have gained regarding diets and work outs as well as the skills passed on to me by USA Elite Trainers will stay with me forever. No more Big and Tall stores, XXXL racks, or channel surfing all day. I am fully prepared to enjoy my lifestyle changes and my new quality of life for many years to come.”