If you told me that someone can lose 50 pounds in just 3 months, I would have said you were full of it. But, it is more than possible when you eat the right food with portion control, plus do more cardio then you would think you could do.

I was always someone that lifted weights and played sports, but never had the body I thought I should have. Then this past year I think I went to the gym and worked out for a week total. By doing this, I got to an all-time weight for me and the worst shape I’ve been in for years. I would lie in bed and picture the way I wanted to look and say tomorrow I will start that journey, but then I would wake up and make some new excuse not to do it. I was getting very frustrated at myself because my clothes were not fitting well at all.

But that all changed about 3 months ago when Loren convinced me to sign up for this challenge and get in shape. So after a few times of him telling me about it, I caved in and signed up. He was telling me that I would get in the best shape of my life and I was thinking he really is a good salesman for telling me I’ll get in the best shape ever. Well I was completely wrong on that one. My goal was to get between 192-198 pounds and get back into a size 34 waist. Well, at the time of this journey being over I would weight about 173 pound and those 34 inch pants are now too big.

When I got the nutrition plan I looked at it and said there is no way I can figure this out. I never was one to read labels on the food I was eating but after about a week of racking my brain it all made sense. I realized in a short time that I’ve been eating wrong my whole life and got mad at myself. But now, that has all changed for me. Now I know how to eat much better and keep the body I worked so hard to get.

My whole outlook in life has changed in the last 3 months. I was embarrassed of the way I looked which gave me little confidence. Now I can’t wait for the warmer months so I can were tighter clothing and show off the new improved body. My friends have even seen a new person in the way I carry myself and look much happier.

I can’t thank the trainers enough for helping me and pushing me through this program. I’m sure they got tired for all the questions I had but I got into this program and wanted to know as much as I could to get the best results. I’m glad that all the other participants in were so encouraging toward each other through these tough Saturday 7am workouts. Once again I would like to thank Loren for helping me get the body I wanted for my whole adult life and now have. I can’t wait to get the before pictures from 3 months ago so I can frame them and look at them when I don’t want to work out and get motivated and say never again will I look like that again. And to now end this, I need to thank all the trainers, participants, and Anytime Fitness Haygood for all their support.