“February 2009 marked the beginning of my life-changing journey. I had been gaining and losing weight over the past 15 years. When 180 lbs. flashed on the scale, that was it, something had to be done. Size 12’s were becoming impossible to wear and going up a size was not an option. Joining the gym was the only option.

Upon joining Anytime Fitness and my consultation with Loren, it was clear having a trainer would provide me more success than going about it alone. After signing a three month contract, I was on my way! My nerves were shot at the beginning, overweight and zero confidence, but Loren made me feel comfortable and at ease with the process. He provided me with my personalized diet plan, cardio schedule and supplement plan. All these factors, worked in conjunction with each other, made the inches start melting away! Loren being by my side, pushing me, telling me “good job” or “come on, one more” or “you can do it” has helped me get where I am today…so far my weight loss is 20+ pounds and 11.5 inches total, 6″ from my waist alone! Amazing! I have more energy; feel great and loving life!

USA Elite Trainers are an amazing group of dedicated people! They make you feel important and always have compliments to keep you going. It’s like they know when you need that little boost of confidence! Signing with one trainer allows you access to the entire team of trainers. They are always there to give support, advice and encouragement when needed. If you’re committed to changing your life, inside and out – this group will get you there. They practice what they preach and that speaks volumes to their character! Thank you Loren and USA Elite Trainers – you have helped me change my life!

P.S. At the end of my three month contract, I signed up for an additional nine months with Loren and am continuing to lose weight and feel great!!”