I grew up as a son of a Registered Dietician, something that I don’t always share as I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. My mom always gave me the basic skills in choosing healthy foods and eating a balanced diet. When these rules were applied they work but I was missing the physical activity that goes along with the diet. On October 11,2009 after me and my girlfriend broke up that was my final wake up call I had to fix me and who I was as a person. At that time I weighed the most I had in my life at 262 pounds. I had little to no energy was depressed on how I had let myself get and didn’t want to do much socially because I was embarrassed about my appearance. I really started to feel my former self slip further and further away. I didn’t like how I looked in pictures and I was tired of being out of breath just doing everyday activities. That’s when I joined Anytime Fitness and decided to change my diet. After losing almost 20 pounds the first month that’s when I decided to get a trainer to help me get to that next level. During this time they were promoting the challenge and it felt like a great opportunity for me to push myself more. At the same time my little sister had just begun the process of a painful divorce and I thought we could do it together to help her get motivated and get her self esteem back. The program was a great way to push our self each week and have some accountability. The trainers motivated us constantly to go above and beyond as they continued to raise the bar.

They always came up with great routines and different ideas in working out which will prove to be helpful in the future. It became hard for my sister to continue with her schedule at home and work but I was too committed to back out and wanted to get the most from the program I could. I may have started this to help her but it really became about helping me in the end. I started this journey to take my life back by exercising, dieting, and to get back my self esteem. As I said this last 12 weeks was a good way to help keep me on the right track. As of today I have lost over 50 pounds but this is a life style change for me which is still a work in progress.