This past month several of our members took up the 100 Mile Challenge, completing 100 miles of cardio in one month!  They did fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the dedication we see in here everyday.  With that said, Natural Bodyz will officially host the 100 Mile Challenge for August!
The first person to 100 miles will receive a FREE MONTH and supplement of their choice!  Everyone who completes the challenge will receive 2 FREE Group Training passes!

How it works?

  • Simply write your name, number of miles, and date the cardio was completed on a post-it note on the front desk and put the post-it in the metal box on the side of the desk.
  • We trust you to be honest.  However, 3.8 miles is 3.8 miles…NOT 4!
  • Any form of cardio is acceptable, with the exception of bikes.