Put Aside the Fear, Challenge Yourself — See What You Can Become

Terry Stevens enjoys helping clients overcome fears, commit to a fitness program, and see positive changes in their everyday lives. Always athletic, Terry looked for ways to improve himself which led to an interest in bodybuilding, later transforming into a career as a Personal Trainer. He fuels his passion for working and teaching others to embrace a healthy lifestyle with a genuine commitment to seeing his clients achieve their fitness goals.

Terry puts the “personal” into the title personal trainer, doing whatever it takes to empower his clients to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, that means working with a client professionally in the club; other times, that may involve meeting with the client away from the club. As a personal trainer, he understands how to meet the needs of clients right where they are.

Working with clients who are building new fitness habits and who are apprehensive about getting started is a specialty for Terry. He helps clients put aside their fears and challenge themselves to see what they can become. Not only does Terry find that his clients gain physical strength, but they also develop self-confidence. Both characteristics manifest in clients’ lives both inside and outside of the gym environment.”