Bodybuilding Competition

The Natural Way – Bodybuilding Competition Preparation Program

We develop a comprehensive 16-week nutrition and fitness program to have you ready to compete on stage! This package is designed for both Male and Female athlete competitors who wish to compete naturally.

16 Week Program: 4 Phase Nutrition/Fitness Guide Books.
• Show selection guidance
• On site guidance at your show (Where acceptable; Not always on site)
• Contest Outline book: website information to find & purchase posing suites and
(heels for women). Suit measurements
• Last week contest prep guide: two week out diet guide, two weeks out workout
planner, last week water load and unload, last week supplement guide
• Posing guidelines booklet (With Personal Instruction)
• For men: quarter turns, posing routine development, symmetry round poses
• For Women: quarter turns, half turns, posing routine, and “T” walk routine
• Body Fat Analysis / Photo / Video Documentation / Muscle Measurements
• Exclusive supplement discounts *LFT & NSI
• Posing routine music (Bodybuilding)

We teach you an individual posing routine where you highlight and showcase your physique. Performing mandatory poses is an art. Executing the mandatory poses in a professional manner is what is most important when it comes to performing well at a contest. Natural Competitions are a sport that promotes the growth and evolution of the body. We unlock genetical codes, showing you what you truly have for muscular mass/lean muscle from the proper workouts you do and workouts you have done prior.

This program is also about taking on a new fitness level and challenging yourself to train like this for years with new, higher standards. Alike, when taking on the art of posing, it is just that “an art”. Like a fine wine, the more you do this and practice, the better you will become. What we will show you are the proper sequences to perform your poses in a professional way. You will then have a platform from which to build from each year following the best path possible.

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