Group Fitness Classes

Natural Bodyz Fitness-Open 24/7 in Virginia Beach offers three group classes that prove that fitness is fun! An Abs/Core class offered Saturday mornings.! One of our personal trainers will fire up your core and tighten your midsection in classes no larger than 6 to ensure personal guidance! Bootcamp runs on Saturday mornings as well. Build strength and cut fat in a series of group exercises! Bootcamp is limited to 6 people, but offers spillover classes if capacity is reached! If treadmills and dumbbells are not your thing, try out MixxedFit class! Alaina Henriquez, who has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 15 years, will tighten and tone your body through a dance fitness class that is perfect blend of explosive dancing and bootcamp inspired toning!

Class Schedules

August 2017
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Cardio, Strength Training Equipment & Free Weights

Both Kempsville and Bayside Natural Bodyz Fitness-Open 24/7 provide every piece of equipment needed to accomplish your fitness goals. For those who are new to the gym, a 20 piece full-body circuit is the perfect place to start, providing a safe and controlled manner of weight training. You can also choose to use our personal trainer Virginia Beach to get you on the right work out plan. Multiple smith machines allow for an easy transition to free weights and the more technical exercises associated with them. For the avid gym goers and lifters we offer a multitude of benches to accompany our four racks and dumbbells that go up to 150lbs! We go above and beyond the standards of the big-name gyms by providing oversized tires to flip, battle ropes, 24 foot rope climb (Bayside Only)and other dynamic exercise equipment! Simply put, WE HAVE IT ALL!

Outdoor Workout Area

At Natural Bodyz Fitness-Open 24/7 Virginia Beach you can soak up some vitamin-D and workout at the same time! Our gyms in Virginia Beach give you the unique experience of working out outside! We have a dedicated space behind our facility fitted with outdoor speakers for all our members! For those who want to take their workout to a whole new level, we have three oversized tires outback. Our outdoor space is just another example of how we strive to create a diverse atmosphere for any fitness prospects.

Natural Bodyz Fitness-Open 24/7 Virginia Beach was founded on the Natural Bodyz Concept “Do fitness naturally, a concept we all believe in.” NBF was developed to address the needs of people today and to overcome the reasons for ignored health and wellness. Natural Bodyz Fitness-Open 24/7 welcomes people of all fitness levels who desire the benefits of regular exercise. No matter what your age, level of experience, schedule, goals or budget, this is the place for you to accomplish your fitness goals.

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