Terrence Bond

Terrence Bond


Email: terrence@naturalbodyzfitness.com

My name is Bond…Terrence Bond. All of my life I have gotten that joke from people. Coincidentally, my approach to personal training with dedication and intensity rival that of ‘007’ himself. As your personal trainer, my goal and commitment are to take you to the next level in your physical fitness. I am a firm believer in the concept of ” Total Fitness.” In short, that is training the Mind, Mouth, Attitude, and Body.

My philosophy in life is simply this: ‘ Do it with Purpose!’ Whatever that may be, but none more important than with fitness & nutrition. If you’re going to put time and money into a valuable project like your own body, then maximize your time and results, do it with purpose! Given the tried and proven diet and workout programs with USA Elite Trainers, together, you and I will take you to the next level to achieve YOUR TOTAL FITNESS GOALS. Even more personal training with me will be fun in the process.

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